Quality assurance and testing are all about ensuring trust

Alpha’s linguistic QA (LQA) services are a significant part of our offering. We offer LQA both as a standalone service, and as part of full localization.

Our testing team works both with content translated by third parties, or our in-house teams. In addition, we implement testing programs as part of our comprehensive localization services. We provide this continuous testing for a number of major e-commerce clients.


Our LQA process

As part of our linguistic QA process, we provide both practical checks and analysis. This means a full review of the quality of translation projects, and detailed analysis of where and how quality issues are occurring.

Assessing localization quality is complex. That’s why, for Alpha, it means measurable outcomes and defined performance indicators. To achieve this, we use the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF). The framework provides a consistent approach. Through it, we can score translated content for adequacy, fluency, and typology. This means we have markers for how well meaning is conveyed, as well as whether content flows, and whether there are errors.

By assessing these different elements together, we can then determine a detailed quality score. That means our clients can rely on clear and verifiable quality scores for translated content. All without having to understand the target language.

This approach highlights which languages are not meeting required standards. Crucially, it also shows how such issues can be addressed.


LQA with FQA

Alpha is unique in offering functional testing as well as linguistic testing. We are able to combine these to services. This means  ensuring you can trust not only your content, but also the technology that is displaying your content. This is an ideal service for multilingual websites, where your brand is on display. We are also able to help with search engine optimization, meaning that your website will be visible, as well as on-message and high quality.

For more information about multilingual website localization, please follow the link to our international SEO page.