Your message, translated

Alpha is more than just a translation company. For the most straightforward localisation requirements, we offer translation, editing and proof-reading services to clients who want a simple and efficient service. But the simplicity of the service doesn’t make quality any less a priority. We have set up a three-stage process, involving at least two of our specialist translators. They integrate and identify with the products and services of our clients to become experts in that field.

The result is content which reads as if it was written in that language. It is created with style, and with native inflection, and it matches the tone of the original. That means that you can be confident about sending it out, without fear of mistakes or misunderstandings.

We also offer localisation advice when it is needed and, for projects which require truly creative, inspired content in the target language, we offer multilingual copywriting. These options mean you can choose the service which suits you, and put as much of the process into Alpha’s hands as you choose.

Specialised document translation services

Alpha offers a range of services for document translation. Our team includes specialists in areas such as technical, legal and medical translation. For content where accuracy is vital, we are able to provide translators from that specific industry.

Computer Assisted Translation

As a localisation and translation company, Alpha will always be a team of humans creating the best in human translation, but we also understand the huge benefits of translation tools. We use a wide range of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, and we constantly refine our own processes. We develop the tools we use in order to fit both our own needs and the needs of all our clients. Alpha can integrate existing translation memories or legacy materials. We can also re-use as much of your documentation or web content as you choose.

For fresh content, we can make use of your existing glossaries to build a term base, or create one for you. We can advise you on the best tools to use, or integrate your company’s existing toolsets where appropriate.

For a full run-down of all our technology, take a look at our translation technology services.

Whatever you need from a translation company, you’ll find that we more than measure up.