Localising design

Translation design isn’t just about what the words say, it’s about how the words look – because first impressions matter. Our design team comes into play when documents include crucial design elements. Common issues with translation include numbering and spacing issues, and the necessity to redesign for right-to-left reading.

By involving our design and layout team, we take the issues out of localising complex layouts. From slideshows to screenshots, complete localisation involves design. There is little point in having perfectly translated content when the final look suffers.

Our languages

We have dedicated teams for all our translation design who can handle a wide range of languages and can create layouts in Cyrillic and Greek, and in double-byte languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We work with Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi, adapting layouts for right-to-left reading, and also work in complex scripts such as Thai.

File preparation

Our team is on hand to make translation more efficient. Where source files have issues such as carriage-return codes at the end of lines, meaning that most CAT tools would break them into separate segments, our design team can correct the formatting to make the translation process more efficient.

As well as design, we specialise in text extraction from certain closed formats, such as PDFs. Our new technology products also let us edit PDFs as we would with Illustrator, Photoshop or other easily-manipulated files.

Where you have multimedia localisation requirements, we can also bring in our specialised audio-visual team.