Alpha understands the importance of terminology, as it helps to define and explain your products and brand. We also recognise that as you enter new markets around the world, it must remain correct and at the same time, suitable for your audience.

As such, we offer a range of services relating to terminology management:

  • Term Extraction: We engage with your products, services, and related marketing materials to generate a list of key terminology associated with your business
  • Terminology Maintenance: As your business grows and you enter new markets, we ensure your terminology always remains accurate and suitable, either by providing you with the platform for your own maintenance, or by utilising our in-house terminologists
  • Termbase Management and Development: We can handle the management of your existing online Termbases, using our expertise to further build on your previous investment in this area
  • Advanced Interactive Terminology Management: a progressive service that keeps your terminology accurate and up to date. New terms suggested by translators and reviewers during the localisation process are collected and consolidated, and we can set up a workflow for final approval if required.

For information on how you can learn more about this and our other services, please visit our contacts page.