Localising your content in all forms of media

Audio-visual content is the most effective way of engaging with your audience. Whether you are targeting potential customers or looking to train your workforce, captivating content helps your audience to understand and remember your message.

As you move into new markets, your content needs to speak the right language. Alpha’s in-house services include a dedicated audio-visual (AV) team that uses our own studios, industry-standard tools and experienced production talent to offer you a full range of solutions.

Adept at handling anything from audio recording to full e-learning localisation, our team handles a lot of video localisation projects for a wide range of clients.

On the surface, translating a video into another language might seem straightforward. But unless care is taken, the result can pale in comparison to the source, and lead to reduced engagement and wasted time and money.

At Alpha, we take a considered approach. In most cases, a literal translation will be longer than the source, which can have significant implications for videos featuring subtitles and/or on-screen text (OST), where the text needs to appear at the right time and in the right place.

Thus, the translation process is collaborative; our AV team works in conjunction with our translators to provide you with localised videos that retain the message and style of the original. Where required and possible, text is condensed and alternative vocabulary used by the linguist, with the AV engineer adjusting parameters such the font size, tracking and positioning to add the finishing touches.

For videos requiring subtitles, these also benefit from our combination of linguistic and production excellence to deliver a no-compromise solution. The subtitles can additionally be styled and positioned exactly as desired by you, resulting in a functional and yet still aesthetically pleasing end product.

Voiceover (VO) is another popular choice for video localisation. As well as world class facilities, we have a network of excellent and diverse voiceover artists that you can audition in order to find the perfect choice for your project. Combined with our streamlined workflow, it means you can rely on a fast turnaround of professionally spoken and recorded localised audio that matches the delivery and tone of your original production.

For information on how you can learn more about this and our other services, please visit our contacts page.