Alpha processes millions of machine-translated words every year. Some projects involve post-editing files that have been machine-translated by the client, while other projects are machine-translated at Alpha, using Statistical and Neural Machine Translation (MT) systems.

Alpha offers a wide range of services relating to Machine Translation:

  • Engine creation and tuning
  • Post-editing
  • Post-editing guidelines
  • Quality evaluation and scoring
  • Calculation of MT rates
  • Development

If you are just getting started in the field of Machine Translation and would like to find out more about the technology, or if you would like to go beyond current results, our team of consultants is at hand. We are happy to help with any MT-related topics such as:

  • Time and cost savings
  • MT technology best suited to the client’s projects (SMT v NMT, tools, domains, languages etc.)
  • Selection of training data
  • Linguistic quality evaluation methods
  • Charging for MT
  • Pilot projects
  • Authoring with MT in mind
  • Development (plugins, connectors, scripts etc.)

For information on how you can learn more about this and our other services, please visit our contacts page.