Brand management that is always global

Brand management, globally.

How your brand presents itself globally can make or break it. Balancing the need for consistency with the different requirements of local markets takes a great deal of skill and insight. Well thought-out international brand management needs deep market knowledge and immersion in the local culture. It also needs an exceptional ability with the target language, beyond being fluent in it.

Our brand management services work from the definition of your brand onwards. We create targeted marketing, digital content, and test your materials for their return on investment. We work creatively and collaboratively, but also commercially.

Defining your message

Every brand has its differentiators, and successful global brands share particular characteristics. They succeed based on their exclusivity, craftsmanship and design. Their reputation, trend-leadership, and customer service is never outdone by their quality, price and heritage.

Making those considerations into one consistent message and allowing them to speak in all of your brand’s written content, design and approach is where Alpha shines. It is this awareness of the subtleties that makes us the partner of choice for the world’s leading brands.

Choosing where to adapt

Even those brands that have made a name through consistency find that there is a need to flex their message for different markets. It may be that a customer base is surprisingly different in a different territory, or that certain forms of presentation do not sit well in a specific culture. Humour may not translate, and censorship laws may come into force.

Helping brands decide where to modify a message and where to safeguard it is one of the key parts of our work, and requires the utmost in communication and market awareness. Data is key, because however creative your marketing, it is the return on investment that matters.

Many of our partner brands work with our transcreators in some areas, and with our multilingual copywriters in others. Throughout the process, they are guided by our global branding specialists, who ensure that the briefings work and that the methods of delivery are right for the target market.