Localisation Services from Alpha

Localisation involves a great deal more than language-to-language translation. It needs cultural knowledge, creativity, smart processes, and the all-important human touch.

That’s why Alpha’s localisation services are provided through our team of industry-specific, in-house translators, testers and copywriters. We have built a streamlined process, aided by the best in technology, that provides complete localisation services to most of the global top-50.

Our localisation services – everything you need

Our end-to-end services begin at the creation and translation of engaging, high-quality content, and take you through a review process, right up to the delivery of high-quality materials in any media.


Our translation services are computer-aided, but they are offered by humans, in-house. It means we can offer consistency, speed, and above all, quality.


Marketing materials and creative content sometimes need more than translation. A message needs to be taken from one language to another, keeping tone but matching the new culture it speaks to. Alpha’s transcreators are bicultural as well as bilingual, and work with you to create translated content that engages as you need it to.

Multilingual copywriting

Our team creates new, engaging content in any language, or gives full, creative edits to existing translations. This means that your localised content is not just accurate: it takes your message into every language, and has all the naturalness and style of original content. Perfect for marketing, academic, games and fully creative content.

International SEO

Alpha has become a pioneer in intelligent website translation and optimisation. We work collaboratively with you from the start to ensure that your website is set up so that it ranks for every language and territory.

Quality assurance

Our localisation services include both linguistic quality assurance and functional quality assurance. We test on an exhaustive range of devices, providing full reporting in order to give you peace of mind.


Designed to create readable, meaningful localisations out of machine translation. Perfect for large-scale projects where costs need to be to a minimum and speed is of the essence.

Technology and MT

Alpha is always at the cutting-edge of translation tools. We have intelligent systems, full integration with all CAT tools, and are deeply involved in research into neural machine translation. We believe that localisation should be aided by technology as much as possible.


Take advantage of thirty years’ experience of localisation through our consultancy services. We can offer advice on entering new markets, guidance on approaching censorship, and insight into specific cultures and languages.

AV & Multimedia

Localisation doesn’t stop at the written word. Our audio-visual and multimedia localisation services let you dub, subtitle and amend graphics in full.

Design & Layout

There are many translated materials that rely on visuals. Marketing materials, HR documents and educational materials are frequently highly designed. Our design and layout services put your translation in place, amending positioning, sizing and text orientation to fit your target, while keeping the design as striking and appealing as in the original.

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