Translating for the luxury and fashion industry

The fashion and luxury goods industries have some of the highest requirements for quality of any industry. Where brands are sold on their quality, the translation and localisation of all their materials have to match.

Our fashion and luxury team are industry specialists with an eye for detail and a love of creativity. They need these skills to work with some of fashion’s best-known labels and brands, and with the producers of some of the world’s premium luxury goods.

Marketing materials, product packaging and advertising

Taglines and advertising copy can rarely be translated directly without losing their meaning and their message. Much of the content translated by our fashion and luxury teams is written afresh in the target language by our copywriters. These are all creative native-speakers who will work with you to find the message in any translation. Although our multilingual copywriting services are available to any sector or industry type, they are a mainstay of luxury goods, where a brand’s reputation is everything.

Fully outsourced localisation teams

For some of our clients, deadlines and quality requirements are such that the best option has been to set up tailored teams working solely on their projects. This means that they have their own translators, available whenever they need them. We are able to offer this as a service both here in our offices, or at your own sites.

To find out more about our fully outsourced teams, read on in the case study below.